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Snowberrys After Midnight RA,CGC

My family’s Labrador Retriever named Tawn saved my life when I was a toddler when she pulled me out of Long Island Sound. Since then, I’ve spent nearly all of my life involved with Labradors: growing up with them, training and showing them and breeding a couple of litters. Our dogs have always been family members. My husband refers to us humans as their servants. Frankly, he’s correct. I tend to their needs first thing in the morning before anything else, including making a cup of tea.

Over the years, dogs have taught me many lessons. One of our current Labradors, Ranger, appears confident that he’s taught me everything I know about obedience and rally competitions. Many others before him also have imparted other knowledge. I’d like to share some of that information with you on this website.

​My blog posts and resource page aren’t just about man’s best friend. They also relate to writing and locating information. I’ll share some investigative tools, acquired as a reporter-turned-free-lancer writer and attorney, to assist those researching information for articles and books. In some of my blog posts, I’ll offer tips to save time and avoid some headaches that I experienced while ferreting out information for articles and my current narrative nonfiction book.

Visit my blog and resource page for links, information and a bit of humor!